We help clients plan and execute business transactions and projects successfully by identifying and mitigating legal risks through preemptive legal strategies.

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Our Approach

Business transactions can turn nasty. Be prepared.

Founded in 2011, we have earned a reputation as a responsive, competent, dedicated and modern law firm offering first class legal services and solutions to a wide array of business enterprises. We take pride in executing work expeditiously with excellence. That is the hallmark of our service.

The law allows you to design your legal options long before business disputes occur. Failure to plan for dispute resolution in advance often means that disputes will derail your project, transaction or business. We apply our wealth of knowledge and experience in helping business entities take charge of their businesses, projects and transactions even in the face of disputes.

Practice Areas

We also help clients to negotiate and structure business transactions such as franchises, real estate leases, property sale, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Commercial & Corporate Law

We handle all kinds of Commercial and Corporate law matters for large organizations, SMEs and individuals. Our work spans from due diligence, to commercial transaction advisory, drafting and review of contracts, employment matters to trusts and intellectual property law.

Banking & Financial Securities

We work for several lending institutions in perfection of securities and debt recovery. We have a reputation for quick turnaround time, prompt communication, good customer relations and thoroughness.

Real Estate Transactions

Due diligence, efficiency and thoroughness are our key strengths in handling conveyancing work, drafting contracts and advising our clients.


We work closely with clients to draft elaborate arbitration clauses in contracts. We also help clients choose suitable dispute resolution paths when disputes arise.

Medical Negligence

We help clients pursue compensation for harm caused by the negligence of health care providers. Negligence occurs when the care falls below the medical standard of care. A medical negligence claim consists of four main elements: establishment of a doctor-patient relationship, breach of the duty of care, loss to the patient and causal connection between the breach of duty of care and the injury sustained.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We advice on mergers and acquisitions, based on due diligence and on understanding industry-specific issues and clients' business objectives.


We have many satisfied clients and here is what some have to say:

Our Team

David Kiarie

Managing Partner

Paul Muli


Kelvin Muchemi

Finance & Client Relations

Norah Ochieng


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If you look for a lawyer when a dispute has arisen, your lawyer can only assist you through the storm. However, if you engage your lawyer in the negotiations stage, you can avoid the storm altogether. Be prepared.


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